Three generations in the one jacket

Three generations in the one jacket

July 27, 2017


Those who support us. Believe in us & help us see what was once a crazy dream has always been possible.

This is a picture of my beautiful Mother, Nan & me.

I told my mum I deleted this picture, she didn’t like her chin.

My Nan said she looked fat too, although I think she looks just adorable.

Mum would KILL ME if she knew anyone had seen this. Let alone the image being turned into our first blog post. Moral of the story, if you take a picture with your family don’t show them the final result.

A common phrase I hear in my Terrigal boutique is 'I am too old for that'. This is an interesting phrase that really does intrigue me. This phrase is the driving force behind our first Style on Point blog.


You are as old or as young as you feel, right? 

My Nan is in her 70's,

My Mum is in her 50's,

& I am in my 20’s.


We are all wearing the ‘In Style Jacket’. All of us at one stage fell in love with this jacket, in one way or another. It was individually purchased for our wardrobes & we know that if we treat it with love, we will have it for many years to come.  

How can the same items be worn with over a 50-year age different between the two? It’s pretty significant gap I know, but this image of all of us three is the perfect example.

When I go and view new collections or brands to stock within the boutique, I make sure to shop brands that cater to a broad demographic.

Ladies younger than myself are wearing them.

Middle aged women are wearing them... but how?


The key to dressing age appropriate is knowing how to wear an item. It can be as simple or as hard as you want to make it. Although at the end of the day this is exactly what it comes down too. 

I personally believe in life you are never too old to wear anything as long as you have the confidence to do so. Maybe some of you are sitting there saying well how would you know? you are only in your 20's.

 That’s true…… although I see it first hand in my boutique every day.  


Still not sure you can agree with me? then let me show you.....


  • Remove the slip dress.
  • Add a black singlet to then tuck into a pair of back jeans.
  • Add some ankle boots & you have found yourself a more conservative option.  


  • Add a black singlet top underneath & you now have created a top that is no long translucent.


  • Remove slip dress
  • Add a singlet top & wear over a pair of jeans as a long top! 


Think about it.......EVERYTHING has options. 

  • Skirt too short? add some stockings or leggings. 
  • Dress too short? Remove the slip and wear over jeans as a long top.
  • Add stockings or leggings to the dress to show less skin. 
  • Top too short? Add a singlet underneath & tuck into your pants. Match the singlet to either your watch, bag or shoes to bring the whole outfit together. 

Don’t overcomplicate it. Everything has options & remember you are as young as you feel. ADORE SOMETHING? but think you are too old? Let us show you how you are never too old for anything IF done the right way! 


What to see more blogs like this? Share & comment to let us know what our next topic should be!


Chloe Maxwell, 


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