Confidence from the outside in. Time to dress for success

Confidence from the outside in. Time to dress for success

August 01, 2018

Confidence from the outside in.

Time to dress for success!!


We would all love to feel confident each and every day but the reality is we all have those days right? We might be feeling a little under the weather, the kids might be driving us mad or we just can’t charge our batteries enough. This can really impact the way we perceive ourselves & our self-confidence. 

“The clothes you wear can affect your mental state and physical performance”. 

“So you are saying the way you dress really can change the way you feel and see yourself?”

We have all been there….

We might be having a bad day. Then all of a sudden, we put on a power outfit, we dress for success & it’s like we are a new person. All of a sudden we feel good, we feel confident, we feel like we could take on anything that is about to come our way. 

I am not one for masking feelings, hiding the way I think or even trying to portray what I am not. 


Dressing for success isn’t about hiding away from anything. 

Dressing for success is you standing up and saying. “Hell I don’t feel great today, but I am going to do something about it. I am going to take control of my life and my choices”.  

We have all been there, some more than others, some lower than others. Though the consistent theme is.... WE GOT THERE. We got out the other side. We moved forward & we feel better today. We know the dark days may not be over, but we know we have got through many AND WE WILL be able to get through many more that come our way. 

Today I am going to talk about my 5 top tips for dressing for success even on those less than confident days. 


STEP ONE: Get Inspired

What is your style? What do you love to wear? What makes you feel like YOU GOT THIS? Get inspired ladies!!! Look through magazines & people watch over coffee. Developing your personal style and what you like to wear takes time. The best way to get started is to get inspired from around you, pick your path & gravitate towards it. 


STEP TWO: Go through your wardrobe 

What do you have? What don’t your wear? What could you sell? What could you donate? Establish what key pieces you have.  Make room. Search for gaps in your wardrobe & look at what you really need. 


STEP THREE: Some things are worth the investment

What items do you wear a lot of? Is it your 100% cotton shirts, jeans, blazer? Think of your everyday wear as more of your quality investment purchases. Invest in the classic timeless pieces. The pieces that can take you from day to night with a change of shoes. What are you constantly buying that stretches out of the shape? That isn’t lasting? Good quality pieces are an investment. They will last you the test of time – keep that in mind. More quality purchases means less long-term wastage. Yes, there will always be cheaper alternatives but investing in your good quality everyday staples is going to be an investment well spent. 


STEP FOUR: Ignore the RULES 

Fashion is a creative outlet to express yourself and show who you really are. Have fun with it. Break the rules. Wear denim on denim, wear navy and black together. Don’t be self-conscious, just go for it. You got this girlfriend. 


STEP FIVE: Do more with less

Focus on the neutral colour palettes and learn to do more with less. Build outfits around your neutrals & inject your colour through a blazer, scarf, bag or shoes. Keeping a mainly neutral colour palette will provide you with more flexibility on your every day wear. 


There you have it ladies. My 5 top tips for dressing for success & getting your personal fashion defined. Set a date, do your wardrobe overhaul & start working your way through my steps. 

I would love to hear how you are progressing through the steps. Email me at & let me know what you are going to buy less of & what you need to buy more of! 

 By Chloe Maxwell 





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